Young Germany Instagram Takeover

Camera on a table
Image by Unsplash

At the beginning of August, I took the reins of the Young Germany Instagram account for a week, to show the world (of Instagram) a little more of Wiesbaden, Mainz, and my life here as a British transplant to west-central Germany.

I posted 40 pictures throughout the (very, very hot) seven days and thought I’d share a small selection of them with you here, too.  They’re all taken with an iPhone 5s – no fancy business from me!

If you’re on Instagram, come find me!  I’m @asausagehastwo ?



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  1. says: Claire

    These photos are absolute perfection! Wow! An IPhone! I never thought an IPhone! So clear! Do you use your IPhone, a lot, for photos? (Do not have an IPhone yet, but thinking about it.)

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I currently use my iPhone (a 5s, so a bit outdated now) for all my photos. I do have a proper camera too, but I’ve usually got a child or two in tow at the moment and it’s much quicker and more practical to be able to just get out my phone!

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