Winery picnics to go: German vineyards offering hampers (Map)

A picnic blanket with hamper and food laid out amongst tall grass
Photo by Evangelina Silina on Unsplash

Throughout the last 15 months, winemakers all across Germany’s thirteen wine regions have offered virtual tastings and events to keep locked-down German residents entertained. Now the country is opening back up again, albeit with strict coronavirus measures still in place, many wine producers are getting creative to encourage people back to their vineyards. In addition to seasonal winery restaurants and pop-ups, some winemakers are temporarily offering so-called “winery picnics to go”.

The concept is very straightforward: order a picnic in advance (either by phone, email or online – I’ve added details to each information box on the map), collect it on the day of your excursion and take it out into the vineyards to enjoy the sunshine and wonderful views with some local food and wine. Some wineries alternatively offer a dedicated picnic site for those who aren’t keen to incorporate a hike into their day out. Winery picnics to go range from basic packages involving wine, water and a bit of bread and cheese, perfect for stuffing into your bag for a hike, to blow-out gourmet options including, for a returnable deposit, crockery, glasses and even seating, for a relaxed family gathering or romantic picnic amongst the vines. Many wineries also offer maps to help you navigate your way to idyllic picnic spots, or extras such as QR codes to informational videos about where you’re picnicking or even a Spotify playlist.

This map is a work in progress and will continue to be updated. Please contact me if you know of a winery picnic to go that I can add to the list. All details below are correct at time of publication; please check with individual sites for updated information regarding their offers as well as corona regulations for picnic pick-ups and returns.

Winery picnics to go

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