Wiesbaden’s 5 Most Indulgent Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolate at Urban Kitchen

Wiesbaden during Autumn and Winter is often wet, grey and utterly miserable.  If this isn’t the time for treating yourself to a cup of steaming hot liquid chocolate, I simply don’t know when is.  Being more than slightly partial to one myself, and therefore having sampled them all over town, I feel qualified to share my pick of the best.  So whether you’re hanging out with a book, a friend or a baby, here are my recommendations for 5 cafés in Wiesbaden in which to indulge in a winter treat.

1. L’Art Sucré

Hot chocolate at L'Art Sucré

I’ve raved about the hot chocolate served at L’Art Sucré before: beautifully presented in a bowl with a tiny dish of spiced cream, it’s the smoothest, most luxurious hot chocolate option in town.  The inside and outdoor seating at this cosy French café occupy a very small space indeed, so try visiting at an off-peak hour to get a table; also note that there’s no loo – you’ll have to pop next door if you need to go.

Address: Am Römertor 7
Website: L’Art Sucré (in German)

2. Lalaland

Hot chocolate

The deservedly popular Lalaland – which I’ll review fully soon – is a kid-friendly café in the centre of town that offers a surprisingly grown-up hot chocolate.  Their Schoko Latte (3,20€) comes as a doll-sized jug of thick, rich dark chocolate and a mug of hot, frothy milk to mix together, the combination of which really makes you feel like you’re enjoying a true moment of indulgence – even if you’re surrounded by rampaging toddlers and have a baby clamped to your breast.

Address: Friedrichstr. 57
 Lalaland (in German)

3. Café Maldaner

Hot chocolate and warm apple strudel at Café Maldaner

You don’t go to Maldaner for the hot chocolate; you go there for the cake.  But whilst you’re partaking of a generous slice of Black Forest gateau or a plate of petit fours (order from the counter – the warm apple strudel above, from 4,50€, is on the menu) in the decadent 19th century surroundings of this Wiesbaden institution, why not treat yourself to a large cup of very good hot chocolate (2,90€).  Or if you really want to go all out, how about the “Russian” version with rum and cream (6,90€)?

Address: Marktstraße. 34
Website: Café Maldaner (in German)

4. Insight Wiesbaden

Hot chocolate at Insight Wiesbaden

This café-cum-interiors shop on Taunusstraße is light and bright and popular with local designer-types.  Choose a cup of either fine or bitter hot chocolate (2,90€, lactose-free milk available) and enjoy a leisurely breakfast or a slice of tart alongside it.  There’s plenty of homeware to browse if you fancy, and just about everything on display is available to purchase, too – you can even take home the table you’re sitting at.

Address: Taunusstraße 38
Website: InsightWiesbaden (in German)

5. Café Molino

Chocolate at Molino

Molino doesn’t gain many points for atmosphere or location: it’s a neatly furnished yet characterless café on the ever-busy Schwalbacherstraße.  It does, however, offer very good hot chocolate, both to drink in and take home.  There’s a pleasing choice of hot chocolate-related items for sale, from chocolate spoons to chocolate bars and just about everything in between.  So if you don’t fancy staying at Molino for your chocolate treat, you can take it home and enjoy a little luxury there instead.

Address: Schwalbacher Straße 3
Website: Molino (in German)

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  1. says: Anne

    Great review – just what we need in chilly and dismal weather. Thanks to your blog I’ve now been to L’Art Sucré twice and not only do they have gorgeous hot chocolate, their macaroons & petit fours are lovely… best I’ve had in Germany so far! All advice is very much appreciated as I’ve lived in Wiesbaden for just under a year and am still ‘finding my feet’ 😉

    1. Hi Anne, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment! I’m really happy to have helped you find your way to the L’Art Sucré macaroons 🙂 I’ve just had a look at your blog and am very excited for you, your new home looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing how things progress – especially since you appear to have started with the kitchen 😀

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