White Asparagus

Germany is well known internationally for its bread, beer and sausages, the stereotypical Bavarian pork knuckle and dumplings mistakenly considered by many outside the country as something of a German national dish. Ask a German what their homeland’s favourite food is, however, and they might well tell you it’s a much loved seasonal vegetable: white asparagus. Traditionally eaten with ham and potatoes, pancakes, as a soup, in salads, even on top of a steak or a Schnitzel, white asparagus is celebrated up and down the country from April till June. In the articles below, you’ll find tips on how to buy and prepare white asparagus as well as a variety of recipe suggestions (both traditional German and otherwise) and links to features I’ve written about Germany’s obsession with white asparagus in National Geographic Traveller UK, US, India and The Guardian.