How to cook Spargel: 17 white asparagus recipes from around the world

German cookery magazines with asparagus recipes in

We’ve already talked about the things you should know about white asparagus, from how it’s grown and what to look for when you’re buying it to the best way to prepare it for cooking.  But now the season’s officially started and you’ve perhaps already eaten a plate or two of it the classic German way, you might be wondering what else you can do with it.  After all, there’s several hundreds of thousands of tons we’ve got to get through, and we can’t all be consuming our bodyweight in Hollandaise over the next six weeks.

So, I’ve been on a online hunt to find some more original ways to enjoy Germany’s white gold, and I thought I’d pass them on.  From some traditional alternatives from Hungary and France to some experimental options for the braver Spargel eaters amongst you, here’s 17 of the best recipes for white asparagus that I found on the internet.  You’re very welcome.

Peeled white asparagus on a chopping board with its peelings

Classic white asparagus recipes

1. Aside from simply melting a knob of butter to drizzle on my spears of Spargel, my all-time favourite way to serve them is alongside cooked ham, boiled potatoes and a generous helping of thick, yellow Hollandaise sauce

2 & 3. Don’t chuck away the peelings and woody stalks when you preparing it; use them instead to make a deliciously light but utterly luxurious cream of white asparagus soup.  It makes an impressive starter, but if you want to create a more substantial dish, add some strips of mixed herb pancake on the side

4. Speaking of pancakes, the French enjoy their white gold rolled up in eggy, cheesy ones, sometimes also wrapped in cured ham

5. Alternatively, why not try it Hungarian style, with sour cream, paprika and breadcrumbs.

A bowl of white asparagus cream soup

Pale and interesting: some new ways with white gold

6 & 7. If you want to stay relatively low key by serving your Spargel with melted butter, but want to add a bit of a twist, why not add lemon juice to the butter or make a dressing with honey, mustard and finely chopped chives?

8 & 9. And if you’re tired of steaming it, why not try roasting or grilling a few spears with lemon, olive oil and parmesan.

10, 11 & 12. I’ve only ever thought of serving white asparagus as a main course, but it would also make a lovely side dish, perhaps as a creamy gratin, tucked into some boulangère potatoes or served with grilled chicken, brown butter and crispy pancetta

13. And for a plate of the most ultimate seasonal luxury, how about roast cod with white asparagus, wild garlic and truffle mayonnaise?  (Yes please.)

Dish of boulangère potatoes with white asparagus
Boulangère potatoes | Image by Kristi Korotash of Zuhause Supperclub Berlin

White asparagus for the truly adventurous

14. If you’re the type to stock less common ingredients in your fridge, perhaps you fancy smoked butter, lardo and hazelnuts on your Spargel

15. Or of you’d like to jazz up a warm Spring salad, how about serving warm white asparagus with a grapefruit vinaigrette?

16. Another salad that seems to be a bit of a modern classic round this part of Germany (if not elsewhere) is a white asparagus salad with strawberries

 17. And lastly, for the truly experimental Spargel eater – and with apologies to the traditionalists – how about starting the evening off with a dirty white martini with pickled white asparagus spears?

Asparagus, strawberry and radish salad with bread

Tempted by a white asparagus martini or prefer your spears on a plate?  And how do you prefer your Spargel, classic, modern or a little bit crazy?  Suggestions and recommendations in the comments, please!



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