The Weekly Shop: the World Cup and wine walks

View of Nierstein over the vineyards
View across the vineyards at Nierstein am Rhein

I must admit, I’m feeling a little frazzled.  Not in a bad way – I really have nothing to complain about at all – but not only did I get out of bed in the middle of last night to watch England’s opening World Cup game against Italy (the time difference from Brazil leaving a little to be desired), but this was also the week that my son woke up one morning having magically developed the ability to crawl anywhere he pleases, at very high speed.  So, I’ve had very little time to myself the last few days: it’s incredibly tricky to achieve anything with a tiny giggling thing clambering all over you, as joyful as that is.  Thankfully, the Mini Dietz is still very portable, so I’ve also had a couple of lovely days out with him strapped to my chest.

I enjoyed a very leisurely, sunny lunch with friends on Friday at the Afghani lunch-cum-waffle-spot Gegenüber – their ice cold mango lassis really are something special on a hot summer’s day.  That evening, my husband and I celebrated the start of the World Cup with his classic German potato salad and a pair of Wienerwürstchen between us.  I also picked up a small pot of wonderfully aromatic saffron, pistachio and rosewater ice cream from the Persian kiosk on Emserstraße to share with a friend; if you live in the Westend of Wiesbaden, I highly recommend popping by there to get one for yourself.

Nierstein am Rhein

The highlight of my week, however, was a Saturday outing to visit friends in Nierstein, a small, quaint town on the river Rhine that’s crammed full of wine taverns, surrounded by rolling vineyards and, unsurprisingly, famous for its very many, very decent wines.  We hiked up the bright green hillside to one of Nierstein’s larger vineyards, Roter Hang, to join in their annual wine walk (Weinwanderung).  More on this to come next week, but let’s just say that a leisurely ramble through the vineyards, stopping to sample wines, fantastic food and the stunning view of the grapevines and Rhine in the late evening sunshine is really one of the best ideas any German has ever had.  Like I said, I really have nothing to complain about.

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  1. says: Anne

    I’m really curious now about the Persian kiosk you mentioned!! For some reason I’ve not noticed it on Emserstraße , but perhaps I’ve just rushed past on the way to town. The ice-cream sounds very interesting and yummy!! I am now also trying to plan for my family to go on one of those organised vineyard walks which sound lovely. We’ve only done our own aimless wandering in the Eltville area vineyards, which are also very picturesque 🙂

    1. It’s right at the top end, just past the bus stops at Dürerplatz – they’ve got various things in there, I’ve tried their fesenjan sauce as well, which is tasty (but not as good as homemade 😉 ). You’ll have to let me know where end up doing your wine walk 😀

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