The Weekly Shop: an accidental Belgian adventure

Cake on a plate with raspberries
Lemon polenta cake with raspberries

I’ve just about recovered from my train journey back from London on Tuesday: let’s just say that the German train network wasn’t exactly on form that day.  Or we could say that it was on form entirely consistent with the train trip to London 12 days earlier, an adventure involving a very long but very pleasant local bus ride through the beautiful rolling hills of eastern Belgium and the making of several new friends along the way.

The Mini Dietz and I had a wonderful time in England but boy, were we happy to be home again, despite the fact that we’re having to suffer 85% humidity here and the days are swinging wildly between baking, sweaty heat and brutal storms.  I’m pleased to be back to normality after a very chaotic break and I’m looking forward to pottering around the kitchen and going to a handful of summer parties over the next couple of weeks.  With only three months left of my maternity leave, I’m focusing on enjoying every second!

Food news and recipes from Germany…

How to be rude using German food phrases (via Charlotte Steggz)
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★ Mix cocktails in style and eat breakfast like a Brit at Bavaria’s Das Kranzbach spa hotel 
One hundred years: a touching tribute to and traditional German cookie recipe in celebration of a much-loved grandmother

…and further afield:

What to do with a glut of summer fruit (Drunken cherries!  Raspberry vinegar!)
11 grocery store items you could be making at home
Slow cooker Kalua pig recipe (how did I never know about such a thing before?)
Learning what to do with fabulous fish.

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  1. says: Kate

    Oh gosh, hasn’t the heat been insane the last few days?! I have been so welcoming of the storm we have going on right now! Just popping over to say hi from Frankfurt 🙂

  2. says: Gungadin

    Lychee are in season!! Cooling salad in the heat…lychees , melon balls , kiwi and green grapes. No need to add sugar. Perfect for sizzling London.

    1. Hahaha… and the conditions here are almost perfect for growing them! You’ll have to prepare that for me next time I’m over – I never cease to be amazed by your hidden talents 😉

  3. says: Rachel

    Gosh, poor you! The worst cancelled train experience I ever had was sat on a replacement bus, which was otherwise empty, apart from a really obese, sweaty, smelly man who sat next to me. Being truly British about it, I thought it would be rude to move, so stuck it out…*shudder*

    1. That is absolutely what I would have done as well. Being British can be such a challenge sometimes 😉

      We got on a replacement (local, bendy) buses on the way there from Aachen to Verviers (no idea), where we got on another train, missed our Eurostar connection in Brussels but were allowed to just get on the next one an hour later. “We” being approximately 150 people. On the bus, which travelled through some really quite beautiful Belgian countryside, I sat next to a mad person who laughed hysterically at everything I said. SO that was nice.

  4. says: bavariansojourn

    That sounds like quite a trip! And yes, I know what you mean about getting back. As much as my home will always be England, there’s just something so nice about being in your own space again! 🙂

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