Travel Germany Podcast

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I recently joined Nicole Palazzo on The Expat Cast podcast to talk all about the city of Wiesbaden as a travel destination. Having immigrated to the Hessian capital in 2010, I lived there for almost ten years until moving to Rheinhessen in 2021. (Yes, that doesn’t add up – I also lived in the US for 12 months during that period.) Wiesbaden is a fantastic city break destination, easy to reach by rail from all over Germany and very conveniently located to Frankfurt International Airport, and in this chat with Nicole for her Travel Germany series, I share ideas for what to do there, tips on where to eat and suggestions for nearby locations that would make great day trips from the city if you fancy exploring the surrounding area.

Where to listen to the podcast

You can listen to the podcast via a whole host of different apps including Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify and Stitcher, or in your browser on The Expat Cast website (where you’ll find all the relevant links to the aforementioned plethora of apps). My various recommendations from the episode will shortly be made available as part of the Travel Germany series on the site’s blog.

You can follow Nicole on Twitter and Instagram. If you enjoy her podcast, please consider buying her a coffee to support her!


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