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In Print

Slow Food magazine and a hot chocolate

I have a bit of a cookbook habit.  There are piles of them around our flat: I read them in bed, I re-read them in the bath, and these days, recipe books and books about food are just about the only items on my birthday wishlist.

It would be impossible for me to choose a top three (or five, or ten) of the books I own.  I browse them daily, re-reading chapters and picking out recipes that haven’t previously appealed, and my preferences change with both my mood and the seasons.  The books I cook from the most, however, and which have influenced me most greatly in the kitchen, are by Nigel Slater, Yotam Ottolenghi, Diana Henry, Claudia Roden and Madhur Jaffrey.

A growing portion of my culinary book collection focuses on the German cuisine, and of the ones I own, I’d recommend these in particular:

Culinaria Germany: A Celebration of Food and Tradition by Christine Metzger and Ruprecht Stempell (Ullmann Publishing, 2008).  Organised by region, this is a very thorough tome that details the origins of classic German ingredients, dishes and culinary traditions as well as some of Germany’s most popular – as well as plenty of potentially unfamiliar – recipes. Available in both English and German.

Beyond Bratwurst: A History of Food in Germany by Ursula Heinzelmann (Redaktion,  2014).  Essential reading for anyone interested in the history of German food; a fascinating book by the well known and greatly respected German journalist, author, sommelier and chef.  Available in both English and German.

Classic German Baking: The Very Best Recipes for Traditional Favorites, from Pfeffernüsse to Streuselkuchen by Luisa Weiss (Ten Speed Press, 2016).  A beautiful book offering recipes and tips for some of Germany’s best known (and barely known) baked goods by successful blogger and author The Wednesday Chef.  (Read my review for more.). In English.

Küchenschätze: Rezepte für die Seele by Anne-Katrin Weber and Sabine Schlimm, (GU Themenkochbuch, Graefe und Unzer Verlag, 2010).  A personal collection of the author’s most-loved childhood treats, both savory and sweet (and including the odd non-German wildcard).  The recipes are simple, easy to follow and very good.  In German.

I love food magazines too.  I’m a fully paid up member of Slow Food and receive the regular German print version of Slow Food magazine, which is published every two months.  I also love the UK publications At The Table and Noble Rot.  In the US, I’ve been enjoying a subscription to Saveur.


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In addition to reading the food, restaurant and recipe columns of various online publications from around the globe (including Marina O’Loughlin, Diana Henry, Felicity Cloake, Fay MaschlerJay RaynerGeorge Reynolds, Yotam Ottolenghi, Pete Wells, Tom Sietsema and Hungry City),  I keep regular tabs – via Bloglovin – on a very large number of food blogs and websites.  These are some of my English-language Germany-related favourites:

German food blogs

✭ Ginger & Bread: a Schwabian living in England, Ginger shares fabulous recipes for traditional German dishes.  She has also shared some of her own recipes on A Sausage Has Two
✭ Spoonfuls of Germany: US-based German Nadia Hassani writes wonderful stories about the history of her favourite German recipes; she has also published a cookbook of regional recipes of the same name
Berlin – What’s Cooking?: Bavarian Julia spent 10 years living in London, where she ran a pop-up German café in an old East End pie shop, and she now has a deli and communal cooking space in Berlin.  On her blog, she shares traditional German recipes as made by her friends
The Oma Way: the (grand)mother of all traditional German food bloggers, Frankfurter Oma has lived in Maryland, USA, for over 30 years, but prolifically shares her recipes here
Dirndl Kitchen: German Sophia moved to the US in 2009, and shares traditional German recipes with beautiful accompanying photos, as well as various bits about her life in Kansas City
✭ The Kitchen Maus: Diony is a first generation German Canadian who spent her childhood summers in Bavaria.  Her blog is where she explores the German cuisine and remembers the dishes her Oma made
✭ My Dinner: London-based German Filipino Marita shares traditional German (and other) dishes from her childhood
✭ Baking my Way through Germany: Katie moved from the US to complete an apprenticeship as a pastry chef in Germany; she blogged about her experience, including recipes for traditional German cakes and pastries as she learned them, and continues to share her journey as a qualified pastry chef working in Bremen.

German wine blogs

Schiller Wine: based in Frankfurt and Washington DC, wine expert Christian Schiller writes prolifically and with great authority about all things related to German wine
✭ The Wine Rambler: Thorsten and Julian, one based in London and the other in Munich, write mostly, though not exclusively, about German wine, in a way in which even the most amateurish of German wine drinkers (me) can understand.

Germany-based blogs featuring restaurant and/or product recommendations

Northern Germany

At the Table: food conversations from Berlin and beyond
Food with a View: Berlin food and photography (restaurants, recipes, events)
Glutenfrei in Berlin: gluten free product and restaurant recommendations from a British chap in Berlin
Liv Hambrett: Australian author and teacher Liv writes beautifully about her life in Kiel, the occasional food-related musing included
Sole Satisfaction: San-Franciscan Kate on (amongst other things) gluten-free eating in Berlin and beyond
Slow Travel Berlin: walking tours, listings and things to do, featuring up-to-date food and drink news
Stil in Berlin: Berlin-based eating and shopping
The Wednesday Chef: well known Berlin-based author (see German cookbooks recommendations above) Luisa Weiss
Überlin: Berlin arts, culture, food and drink and more.

Central Germany

Chronicles of Yoyo: Frankfurt restaurants and parenting tips
Leap: Mainz food and travel
Yum and More: American Karin has been living in Germany for more than 30 years; here she shares food and travel tips for Frankfurt (amongst much more).

Southern Germany

A Bavarian Sojourn: Munich restaurants, recipes and travel (and lots of lovely photos) from Brit Emma, who returned to the UK in 2016
Arts in Munich: Munich weekly event listings, restaurant and hotel reviews and much more
Delicious Days: Munich-based food blog that includes the odd German recipe
Eat Explore Etc: British snack-lover Linds explores her temporary home of Munich through food
Kaffee und Kuchen: Canadian Meredith on food and travel around Stuttgart (and further afield)
Starting Over in Stuttgart: British Alie writes about her food and travel adventures in Baden-Württemburg.

Vegan Germany

Click Clack Gorilla: once in Mainz, now in Frankfurt, Nicolette Stewart writes brilliantly about her life in Germany on everything from books and veganism to tiny house living
Deutsche, Bitte: Berlin vegan restaurants, sights and travel
Seitan is my motor: German vegan recipes with a focus on baking
The Vegan Hausfrau: an ethical vegan based in Cologne, focusing on hearty, traditional food on a budget.