The A to Z of German Christmas: R is for… Reibekuchen

Two Reibekuchen stacked on a plate with cranberry sauce
Reibekuchen with cranberry sauce

Potato pancakes in their various forms are much loved in many European countries, and Germany is one of them. Reibekuchen are made with finely grated potato and onion, egg, flour and often a pinch of nutmeg. Served as a savoury side – they’re particularly popular with smoked salmon – or sweet with a fruit sauce such as apple or cranberry, you can find Reibekuchen on restaurant menus at any time of year, but they’re also very much a Christmas market classic.

Reibekuchen are known by various other names around Germany including Kartoffelpuffer, Reiberdatschi, Rievkooche, Grumbeerkiecheln and Erdäpfelpuffer.

R is also for…

Rumkugeln (rum balls): chocolate pralines flavoured with rum. The Oma Way has a great recipe for them.

Raclette: this melted cheese specialty originated in Switzerland, however it’s popular far and wide across Germany throughout advent – particularly at New Year.

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