Publication: How to spend 48 hours in Berlin as a Vegan [National Geographic Traveller Food]

A pink and a brown donut on a white plate
Donuts at Brammibals

I’ve written for National Geographic Traveller Food (UK) about how to spend 48 hours in Berlin as a vegan. I travelled to Berlin earlier in the year for the piece (and two others to be published later in the year), spending a weekend in Germany’s capital exploring its impressively eclectic vegan food scene. Spoiler: I ate some of the best food I’d had in quite a while, and despite being an omnivore (albeit one broadly leaning towards vegetarianism), I didn’t miss animal products for a second. Although having said that, I wouldn’t have minded a fried egg on my dal makhani.

I shared stories of my trip on Instagram whilst I was there, and these are still available to view in my highlights (link goes directly to the BerlinEating story); if you’d like to read more of my food and travel writing, I’ve a list of my work on my Work with Me page.


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