Munich’s best Weisswurst |A Traditional Bavarian Breakfast

A white plate with a Pretzel, Weisswurst and Bavarian sweet mustard on a breakfast table in Munich
Pretzel, Weisswurst, Süßer Senf

Whilst I was in Munich last month, I stayed the night with Rachel Preece, who runs arts and culture website Arts in Munich and co-writes the food blog Munich Bites. She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to where and what to eat in the city, so you can probably imagine how pleased I was when she announced she’d be treating me to a traditional Bavarian breakfast before we parted ways the next day.

Late Sunday morning, the odd snowflake fluttering down uncertainly outside, we sat down to soft, salty Brezeln¹, which Rachel’s boyfriend had picked up fresh from their local bakery, and Weisswürstchen from Ludwig Waller at the Gaststätte Grossmarkthalle, the butcher who appears to be widely accepted as making Munich’s best (a title not to be taken lightly). They were served, as is customary, with sweet, grainy mustard and a glass of Weissbier². It’s been many years since I last had beer at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning, so I’ll admit I needed a good cup of tea to even myself out again afterwards.

Thank you to Rachel for being such a generous host, and thank you Bavaria, for coming up with such a truly excellent breakfast.

¹ I’d rather not bang on about the fact that I can’t eat this sort of thing, but in the interest of transparency, Rachel kindly found some very good gluten-free bread from a whole food store and I didn’t go anywhere near the glorious-smelling freshly-baked pretzels
² Lammsbräu Glutenfrei und Weiss (very good it was too)


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