The Local Food Movement (an article for SisterMAG)

Cows in the mist on a hill

Thanks to a lack of sleep (anyone else have a toddler with a permanent cold?) and a wonderfully busy schedule, I’ve only just noticed that an article I wrote for Berlin-based digital magazine SisterMAG has been published in their latest issue, which came out last week.

In it, I share my thoughts about the local food movement and the global trend towards consuming ethically and sustainably produced food, and describe how moving to Germany completely transformed the way I eat.  It’s a subject I’m passionate about (in case you hadn’t noticed!) and I could have scribbled an entire magazine’s worth on the subject if they’d let me!

Click on the image below to load the magazine full screen; for my article, head to page 53 (in the Bee section).  There is also a version in German on the German SisterMAG site.


Image provided by Death to the Stock Photo.

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