Hear me ramble: Lecker Podcast, Series 2 Episode 4

The Lecker podcast logo: black writing on a pale pink background
Image credit: Lucy Dearlove

Whilst I was in London last summer I had the pleasure of going to meet the hugely talented audio producer Lucy Dearlove at her home to record an episode of her podcast, Lecker. I’m a huge fan of Lucy’s podcast, which is all about “the life-changing power of a good meal”. It’s featured a fabulously broad range of guests, who all introduce Lucy to a specific dish as they chat about ingredients, cooking and much, much more. It makes for fascinating listening, and Lucy’s podcasting style is careful, thoughtful and wonderfully original.

You can listen to my episode down below, or subscribe to Lecker on iTunes, and you can follow Lucy’s podcast account on Instagram and Twitter.


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