Interview with Joe Baur on Without A Path

Portrait of Christie Dietz leaning against a brick wall
Photo credit Tetyana Lux

One of the best things about the internet, if not the very best thing about the internet, is the ease with which one is able to meet likeminded folk with similar passions and with whom, if circumstances allow, one might also end up becoming real life friends.

Düsseldorf-based travel writer Joe Baur got in touch with me at some point last year after finding this website whilst googling German food. I was in the middle of my twelve months living in Washington DC, so we agreed to stay in touch and meet up if we had the opportunity once I’d returned to Germany. We ended up meeting rather spontaneously in Munich last November, and not long after, began plotting creative projects.

Joe came down to Wiesbaden a few weeks ago and made an excellent video about the food and wine tours I co-run in Mainz. Next month, we’ll be travelling to Usedom, where amongst other things, we’ll hopefully record an episode of his podcast together. In the meantime, Joe has interviewed me about how I came to fall in love with the German cuisine, and what led me to write about it. You can find the interview on his website, Without A Path.


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