The A to Z of German Christmas: I is for… Ingwer

Slightly browned cookies on a baking sheet next to a wooden spoon
Image credit: @calajay on Unsplash

Ginger (Ingwer) is a very popular ingredient in Christmas baking all over the world. In Germany, it’s to be found amongst other warm powdered spices in the country’s much-loved Lebkuchen. However, there are lots of other German Christmas breads and cookies around that involve ginger, not just in powdered but also in also fresh or candied form.

Ingwerplätzchen (literally: ginger cookies) are simple butter cookies dipped in chocolate; Früchtebrot (fruit cake) might well involve pieces of candied ginger; and Ingwerblätter are pieces of shortcrust pastry flavoured with ginger and shaped like leaves. The ginger Christmas baking options in Germany are endless really, which is excellent news, since there’s nothing quite like a gently-spiced ginger Advent cookie with a late afternoon cup of tea.


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