Flammkuchen (A Recipe on The Cook’s Cook)

Alsace-style Flammkuchen on a wooden board and a marble table

I’ve just had a recipe published on The Cook’s Cook, an international community for anyone with an interest in food, from home cooks and professional chefs to food writers, recipe developers and scientists.  It was founded by cookbook author, food writer and now Editor-in-Chief Denise Landis, who was a recipe tester at the New York Times for 25 years.  The Cook’s Cook comprises an online magazine as well as a Facebook page and a wonderfully lively Facebook Public Forum, where people from all over the world share articles and photos, and provide answers and suggestions in response to each other’s questions.

I was excited to be asked to contribute something German to The Cook’s Cook “Party Flavors” column, which is about dishes that can easily be made into large quantities for serving at parties.  I’ll be honest, I found it pretty hard to come up with a German party dish, concluding that the Mettigel (a hedgehog made from raw ground pork) is not necessarily a global party food of choice.  But in the end I decided on Flammkuchen, and I’m really happy with the recipe I’ve shared.

If you’d like to have a go at my Flammkuchen recipe, head on over to The Cook’s Cook.  And please let me know if you try it!

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