A Final Weekly Shop: Autumn is coming and changes are afoot

German plum crumble cake
German plum crumble cake

Ah, Autumn.  Paler skies, cooler air, darker evenings and one or two falling leaves; I probably say this at the beginning of every change in season – and I’ll admit it’s largely to do with the excitement of all the new food ahead – but Autumn really is my favourite season of all.  Bright orange pumpkins are already popping up all over town, and there are figs and cabbages and heaps of ripe plums at the market; soon it will be time for wild boar and venison, and then mulled wine and Christmas biscuits.  But I’m getting a ahead of myself…

I’ll be starting work again in a few weeks after a whole year off on maternity leave (no idea where that went) and, as my schedule alters, so will Eating Wiesbaden.  Exciting changes are afoot – more than just a facelift – but it’s all happening painfully slowly, since I’m still under the 24-hour command of the Mini Dietz.

The first change of many is the end of this weekly post, The Weekly Shop.  In its place will come a monthly feature packed not only with interesting bits and pieces for those of you around Germany and the rest of the world who have a penchant for German food, but also those searching for food news and restaurant information in this particular region of Germany (Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz).  And much, much more!  Check in at the end of September for the first edition.

Until then, and as the website gradually evolves, if you have any suggestions or ideas for German food-related topics, restaurants or anything else that you’d like to read about here, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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  1. says: bevchen

    The food is probably the best thing about autumn. I ate wild boar Saumagen at a wine festival this weekend. Very tasty! As was the wild boar Bratwurst I had with it. Mmmm, now I want to eat both of them all over again!

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