The A to Z of German Christmas: E is for… Eierlikör

Two glasses of Eierpunsch with snow and a tree
Eierpunsch | Image credit: Fotolia/PhotoSG

Eierlikör (egg liqueur) is the German version of eggnog or Advocaat. Sold in Germany throughout the year, popular for use in cakes and tortes, it’s also drunk at Eastertime and is particularly popular at Christmas markets during Advent.

Eierlikör is a thick, smooth, pale yellow drink made with egg yolk, sugar and alcohol – usually rum or brandy – and sometimes also with cream or condensed milk and a little vanilla sugar. Eierlikör has a relatively high alcohol content (14-20%), so if you’re a fan of eggnog, it’s definitely a good option for keeping warm with at a Christmas market!

E is also for…

Eierpunsch (egg punch): easily confused with Eierlikör, this German Christmas market favourite is made not just with egg yolks and sugar but also white wine, lemon or orange juice, and sometimes cream. Spices such as cinnamon, vanilla or cloves are also popular additions.

Ente (duck): roasted whole and served with with braised red cabbage and dumplings, duck is a less rich and fatty alternative to goose as a part of a festive feast such as German Christmas dinner.


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