Back soon! Eating Wiesbaden is returning in February…

A slice of Sachertorte
A broken bit of cake; a terrible visual metaphor for my broken website.

But not as you know it!

After two weeks of battling some mighty peculiar technical problems, I’ve finally fixed my website. Well, I’ve sort of fixed it.  The comments are back up and running (in case you have any questions about being vegan in Germany!), but I’ve had to sacrifice all sorts of other functionality to get them there… so I’ve made a decision.

Instead of soldiering on with a half-broken website, I’m grabbing the opportunity to finally relaunch Eating Wiesbaden, a thing I’ve been trying to do a good six months.  I’m going to leave this site looking a little bit wonky and unloved for a couple of weeks – sorry! – and at the beginning of February, a brand new sort of Eating Wiesbaden will be revealed in its place.  So, please bear with me whilst I finish creating a new home for my forays into the world of German food – I’ll not be gone long.

If you’d like to be the first to know when the site’s relaunched, I’ll be sharing updates (and all sorts of other things) on the Eating Wiesbaden Facebook page.

See you on the other side!

p.s. I was thoroughly excited about sharing the vegetable love this month, and I’m very sorry none of that’s up here yet.  It’s coming just as soon as the new site’s up, I promise!


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