Drink more M!LK! #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

Three bottles of M!LCH wine on a wooden table in a kitchen

October is #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth, and as if I ever needed an excuse to buy wine, I placed an order this week with M!LCH, a non-profit winemaking project that raises awareness of breast cancer.

M!LCH is run by fifteen women – five designers and ten winemakers – who donate all of the profits from the sales of M!LCH wines to discovering hands®, a project that trains blind and visually impaired women as Clinical Breast Examiners. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, but early detection greatly increases chances of survival. The enhanced tactile awareness of visually impaired women, for whom through the project, jobs are being created in the healthcare sector, means that even the smallest abnormalities can be found.

Three bottles of M!LCH wine on a wooden table in a kitchen with stickers, a leaflet and a keyring

M!LCH wine – and how to order it

The M!LCH 2020 white wine cuvée is produced by ten German winemakers using grapes from five German wine growing regions:

Christina Speier (Mosel) | Ida Didinger (Mittelrhein) | Jana Hauck (Rheinhessen) | Josephine Schlumberger (Baden) | Juliane Eller (Rheinhessen) | Marie-Sophie Flick (Rheinhessen) | Pauline Baumberger (Nahe) | Sabrina Becker (Rheinhessen) | Sarah Hulten (Mittelrhein) | Sina Mertz (Rheinhessen)

There are also five designers involved:

Alice SchaffnerCarolin Dürrenberg | Silke Philipps-Deters | Martina Miocevic | Lisa Reimann

I am yet to crack open a bottle, however the wine is described on their site as tasting fruity, a bit funky, not sweet, and fun to drink. My trio of bottles arrived with complementary stickers, a keyring and a leaflet about the project.

The pack of three wines can be ordered online on the M!LCH website for Germany-wide delivery or collection from two locations in Rheinhessen. Three bottles including postage cost 42,00€, but at checkout, you can choose to add on an additional donation to discovering hands®.

Further Information

The 12 signs of breast cancer (link to Know Your Lemons)

How to check your breasts for abnormalities (link to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc)


website (DE only) | order the M!LCH triple pack | Facebook

discovering hands®

website (EN/DE) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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