December Favourites: food tours and Facebook friends

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This is my last collection of German food-related bits and pieces from around the internet for 2014, and, well, what a year it’s been.  I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all very much for reading – Eating Wiesbaden has come on leaps and bounds in the last few months (I can’t believe we’re at nearly 500 Facebook friends!) and it’s made all the more fun for me by all your comments and messages not just on here but also on Facebook, on Twitter and Instagram.  So, thank you, and here’s wishing each and every one of you a very happy new year and a wonderful 2015!  But, before the clock chimes twelve…

December was the month I…
✭ contributed to an article in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper on foodie road trips around Europe
✭ discovered that the Germans want to brew U.S. craft beer
✭ learned the truth about Hansel, Gretel and those beautiful German Gingerbread houses
✭ ate a traditional German Christmas dinner (albeit a few days early), and
✭ reminisced over my favourite meals of the year.

German recipes:

For the last minute hosts amongst you: if you’ve not decided what to feed yourself or any guests tonight, how about preparing some traditional New Year’s finger food?

Or if you’re a forward planner, how about bookmarking a few festive specialities from this year for next, such as classic Glühwein ✭ white Glühwein ✭ Fire-tong punch (Feuerzangenbowle) ✭ nut-free vanilla biscuits (Vanillekipferl made with spelt) ✭ traditional, naturally gluten-free Lebkuchen ✭ beautiful aniseed Advent biscuits ✭ cinnamon and meringue stars ✭

And finally, a few classic winter warmers and sweet treats to see you through the rest of Germany’s cold season: dumplings with mushrooms ✭ Flädlesuppe, or beef consommé with crêpes ✭ warm potato salad ✭ German potato soup ✭ sweet dumplings with custard (Dampfnudeln) ✭ Kalte Schnauze (“cold nose” – traditional German refrigerator cake) ✭ Linzer Torte – a redcurrant jam-filled tart with a nutty crust ✭

Restaurant reviews and food tours

An anniversary treat at Restaurant No 15, Munich ✭ traditional German fare at Calwer-Eck Brauhaus, Stuttgart’s oldest brewery ✭ a culinary walking tour of Karlsruhe ✭ a casual food tour of Herrenberg, Stuttgart ✭ Confiserie Reichert in Berlin-Stieglitz (for those over 90) ✭

Hope you have a fantastic New Year, however and wherever you’re celebrating, and here’s to a cracking 2015!  What’s on the menu for tonight?

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  1. says: bavariansojourn

    Happy Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one, and thanks so much for including my anniversary dinner at No. 15! 🙂 Emma

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