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Slice of Sachertorte

Eating Wiesbaden: now in French!

Well, not all of it… but you can now read a series of some of my favourite posts, translated into French, in the online newsletter of the German Embassy in Paris, starting…

Beergarden at the Chauseehaus Wiesbaden

Review: Chausseehaus, Wiesbaden

In this sort of weather (by which I mean the recent blue skies and sunshine rather than the scorching, insufferably humid heat or the increasingly common, surprisingly chilly grey days),…

An iPhone with headphones on a table next to a coffee

Travel Germany Podcast

I recently joined Nicole Palazzo on The Expat Cast podcast to talk all about the city of Wiesbaden as a travel destination. Having immigrated to the Hessian capital in 2010,…

Plates of white asparagus, potatoes and ham on a wooden table

What to drink with white asparagus

White asparagus, with its earthy, delicately nutty taste, has a distinctive balance of slightly sweet and bitter flavours that are notoriously tricky to pair with wine. The Wine Rambler explains, “Asparagus is…