48 Hours in Frankfurt [for Time Out]

A half-timber house in Frankfurt containing a restaurant and a tiny café

As a Londoner, there as a period in my life when I read Time Out magazine religiously. I’d flick through it eagerly on the Tube, cut out food and restaurant tips to keep in a messy stash on a bookshelf, and pile their tattered remains on the floor for future re-browsing. I loved Time Out.

Sadly no longer a print magazine in quite the same format (in London, it’s now a free weekly publication), Time Out still a great online resource for tips on what to do in cities all over the globe, so I’m thrilled to have written three articles for them on Frankfurt, a city with which I’m rather quickly falling in love. The first of these is 48 Hours in Frankfurt, offering recommendations for things to see and do and (most importantly) eat in what I consider to be one of Germany’s most underrated cities.

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