Flat lay of Frankfurt regional specialties on a red and white checked tablecloth

Cheeses and greens: What to eat in Frankfurt

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Slicing sausages in plastic casing stored in a walk-in fridge

How to make liver dumplings: visiting a traditional butcher in the Pfalz

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Five German cookbooks lying open on top of each other

German cookbooks: five favourites

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Lots and lots of red-green apples

The Swabian Orchard Paradise: apples, pears and enormous plum tarts

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Flatlay of a white plate of smoked halibut, eel and salmon on a marble table
A plate of eggs with Grüne Soße

Regional German Specialties: Frankfurter Grüne Soße

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A slice of dark chocolate cherry cake with plate and fork

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cake | Dunkler Kirschkuchen (Recipe)

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