A copy of National Geographic Traveller Food UK open at a spread about chef Ricky Saward with pictures of food and Ricky and some text

The Pioneer: Ricky Saward [for National Geographic Traveller Food UK]

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Three white cows eating hay at Domäne Mechtildshausen

Domäne Mechtildshausen: down on the (organic) farm

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The old town hall in Düsseldorf against a blue sky
Slicing sausages in plastic casing stored in a walk-in fridge

How to make liver dumplings & other tasty tales from the Pfalz

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A forest-covered mountain with low cloud above it

Mountains, mud flats and a bright purple heath: my Germany travel wish list for 2019

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Five German cookbooks lying open on top of each other

German cookbooks: five favourites

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Lots and lots of red-green apples

The Swabian Orchard Paradise: apples, pears and enormous plum tarts

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