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Work With Me

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Freelance Writing

I love to write, mostly (though not exclusively) about food, drink and travel, and in 2016 was shortlisted as a finalist in the YBF Awards in the “Fresh Voices in Food Writing” category by four of the UK’s most highly regarded food writers.  You can find my freelance writing in The Guardian and Time Out (links below), and I updated the chapter on the Pfalz and Rhine Terrace for the 2016 (28th) edition of Fodor’s Germany Travel Guide.

My other German food- and drink-related contributions to date include:

The 5 Best Day Trips from Frankfurt (Time Out)
The Radish King of Schifferstadt (EATEN Magazine)
48 Hours in Frankfurt (Time Out)
How to Eat Like a Local in Frankfurt (Time Out)
Travel tips every first time Frankfurt visitor needs to know (Time Out)
German Food: the best German dishes for the cold season (Employland)
Flammkuchen: Quick and easy rustic German fare (The Cook’s Cook)
Beyond Sausages and Sauerkraut: Why German Cuisine is Far from Europe’s Wurst (Live Work Germany)
White Gold: Germany’s love affair with pale asparagus (Guardian Online)
Frankfurt Green Sauce recipe (The Guardian Reader Recipes)
Local Food: A Field Report (Sister Mag)
Career Profile: becoming a doctor in Germany (Young Germany)
Around the World: The Ultimate Food Bucket List (Days to Come by Tour Radar)
✭ Germany’s Best Bakes: an infographic (Fairmont Group Hotels)
✭ Still looking for the best meal of your life?  Try these European Towns (Canada’s Globe and Mail)
✭ The Year in Food: Seasonal Cuisine in Germany (Young Germany – a German Foreign Office project)
✭ An Insider’s Guide to Wiesbaden (Cheap Flights)
✭ A handful of great places to eat in Frankfurt (City Xplora)
✭ The 5 Best Differences between Germany and Britain (Emerald Waterways River Cruises)

Please direct all freelance and collaboration enquiries to Christie Dietz, at christie [at]

Sponsored Content, Brand Collaborations and Social Media Campaigns

A Sausage Has Two is Germany’s only English language blog focusing on traditional German food and drink, culinary traditions, and slow food and travel.  It attracts readers from all over the world who are passionate about Germany and its cuisine, many of whom interact enthusiastically on the A Sausage Has Two Facebook page.  Its author – me, Christie Dietz – has been featured in local and national German press including Die Welt and Sterne magazine (see Press for further details).

If you would like to work together on a campaign that’s in line with what my readers are looking for, please contact me at christie [at] with details of your brand, campaign and budget.  I am open to working on sponsored posts, brand collaborations and social media campaigns, and will be happy to send you the latest version of my digital media kit.

It is important to me that my readers continue to trust and get value from my blog, so all sponsored content is written objectively in my own voice and expressing my own opinions.

Examples of previous collaborations on my blog include:

Wine tasting in Germany: A Tour of the Nahe and Rheinhessen
das isst Wiesbaden? A Wiesbaden food tour
“Sauerkraut & Strudel” – A German Cooking Workshop in Berlin
✭ Eat the World Frankfurt Tour.

I have also taken over the Young Germany Instagram (September 2015) and the I Am Germany Twitter (March 2016) accounts as part of their week-long rotation curations.

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