A wooden German Christmas ornament

A Very German Christmas

Since moving to Wiesbaden in 2010, my husband and I have split our Christmasses evenly between Germany and England.  Sometimes we’ve done it quite literally, spending Heiligabend (24th December) in Mainz, opening our presents in the…

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Screen grab of The Guardian Online Lifestyle section

A few (more) words on White Asparagus

I realise it’s been a little quiet round here of late, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to things elsewhere: amongst other things, I’ve just had an article (and two recipes) published in The Guardian…

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Camera on a table

Young Germany Instagram Takeover

At the beginning of August, I took the reins of the Young Germany Instagram account for a week, to show the world (of Instagram) a little more of Wiesbaden, Mainz, and my life here…

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